Thursday, September 6, 2012

Before A left: end of July 2012

 After coming home from our trip, we had one day with A before she went back to her mom's.  This was the last time K, C, J, and I have seen her.  CK was able to fly out there and spend last weekend with her, but the airlines and doctors don't look to kindly on flying at 37 weeks pregnant!

A has been so great at accepting everyone as her mom, siblings, aunts, cousins, etc.  She has such as huge heart and is so easy to love.  It just comes naturally.  :)  Because of this, she loves to see the S's!!  We are grateful that we were able to spend time together during that one day home.

 A had been wanting to try our favorite local ice cream place.  We agreed that we would take her sometime this trip...even if it was that last day before she went home.  So, that is when it was.  We all headed over and all the kids ate and said good-bye (we had to drop off K, C, and J with their dad).  One of my favorite parts of this picture is J's chin.  Classic!
 Finally, I have a tradition of taking one picture a month of each child to show their age as they grow.  We call it "number days."  We missed A's actual day, but we got a picture before she left!  101 months!  Wow!  She is growing!

I miss A a lot.  I am grateful that I do, for it shows the strong bond that we have developed.  She calls me "mom" and I appreciate her great love for me.  She is a very talented and loving girl.  I wish that we lived closer.  So much of the heartache of my divorce has lessened or gone away through the grace of God, time, and the healing of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  But, some things will never be quite "right."  Some things will always hurt.  For us, that is having one of our children living 700 miles away and three of our other children going back and forth from house to house.  Missing A is one of those huge heartaches in our lives, but it is the life that we are leading.

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