Friday, September 7, 2012

Maternal Observation

So...Wednesday and Thursday I noticed a significant decrease in the amount of movements my baby girl was having, but she was still moving, so I decided not to worry too much.

But, last night, overnight, and this morning, I didn't feel her really at all.  When I woke up at 4 am, I spent most of the next two hours trying to get her to move-poking, prodding, shaking...whatever it would take.  She moved a couple of times, after some very aggressive work.

This morning, she wasn't moving very much at all again.  I was hoping she was just resting and cramped and that all was okay, but after eating, drinking something cold, eating sugary stuff and lying on my left side for quite a while, I still hadn't felt her.  I decided it was better safe than sorry and called my OB.

They recommended for me to go to the hospital for Maternal Observation.  That was where I was leaning, too.  It is better to know she is okay than to wonder and find out she was in distress and something drastic happened to her.

So, we went.  Her heartbeat was fine.  Good first sign.  :)  Of course, AS SOON as they hooked me up to the monitors, she moved more than she had in 48 hours combined.  She has always hated the dopler and monitors, so I shouldn't be surprised.  But, what a relief!

To be sure, however, they did an ultrasound, too.  She was "breathing" fine--another sign of potential distress is if they stop that practice breathing.  She has plenty of fluid and there were no other signs of trouble.  PHEW!!!!

The nurses and doctor all said to NEVER ignore signs.  If it happens again to come back in-- not to just assume she is still okay.  I am very glad we went.  I was hoping that all would be well and it is, but there was a SMALL chance that something was terribly wrong and it was better to check it out.  I would do it all a heartbeat.  Her being okay is worth more than any extra time spent or even feeling a little silly when all is well.

And my healthy girl has chubby cheeks, a foot pushing out on my uterus (I see that and feel that!), and weights approximately 6 lbs, 6 0z.  :)  18 days until due date.  I can't wait to meet her!

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