Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend away

We stay in hotels enough that we had earned a couple of free nights.  We didn't realize that they expired.  We had been kind of hoarding those nights for a weekend away with just CK and I, but the summer was crazy and we always had 1-4 kids and/or a vacation and....etc..  

We were then going to use them when we visit A, but an email came stating they expire at the end of this month.  YIKES!  We didn't want them to go to waste and we'd already paid for a non-refundable room for CK and A a few weeks ago.

So, we decided to take K, C, and J during our weekend with them and surprise them with a night away.  We had two nights, so we just used them on two rooms.  They were so excited.  :)  We didn't do much...we didn't even go far (I am supposed to be close to the hospital just in case)...but we enjoyed some relaxing time together.

Friday night, we checked in, K unpacked, and we loved the rooms.

 Then, we went out to dinner.  It was difficult to get a consensus, but finally everyone decided that they could find something yummy if we did breakfast.  Denny's was a couple miles away, so off we went.

 After dinner, we went back to the hotel, relaxed a little, then got ready to go swimming.  The hot tub was hot and the pool was cool.  I mostly just sat and watched and took pictures.  I tried sticking my legs in the hot tub, but even that was too much for my prego body.

 The kids all loved it, though.  For the most part, we were the only ones in the pool area and that was fun, too.

 C wanted me to get him jumping into the water.  It took a few tries to get the timing right, but we did it!
 The jump (above) and the splash (below). belly.  My maternity swimsuit has definitely gotten great use this summer.  It is worth the money I spent (those swimsuits are expensive!).
 We got back and relaxed for a bit before bed.  The TV was on some, but the electronic devices (sigh) were really what they wanted to do.  CK and I watched football in the other room (Go Aggies!).

 Finally, and perhaps the highlight....breakfast.  The kids love hotel buffet breakfasts, so that was one of the two things on our criteria to find this hotel:  swimming pool and breakfast.  They ate and ate and loved it.  J's eyes were bigger than his stomach, but I think we all were happy and satisfied.  :)
After breakfast, we had to check out early, as two wonderful women that we have gotten to know were getting baptized that morning.  We wanted to be there to support them, so we left a little early.

All in all, though, it was a great and relaxing night and it is always nice to get away once in a while.  We get to stay frequently in hotels with A, since we stay there every time we visit, but our other three kids rarely get to so it was a huge treat.  We are blessed.

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Lana said...

Love you too!
I am so happy you are having a new baby and are happy. I will be thinking of you and wishing for a happy, safe, quick delivery!