Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2nd Half of Spring Break: March 13-15, 2013

So...I am slowly catching up! I am really trying to blog every day and so far it has been working.  :)  It makes me happy since I can see myself improving and being able to stick to making thing at a time.  Back in November I started writing daily in my journal.  Writing once a week just wasn't cutting it.  Frequently, I would have so much to say that a 10 minute opportunity on a Sunday afternoon wasn't enough, so I wouldn't even write.  Because of that, I have been working at writing daily in my journal.

I have made multiple attempts at daily blogging again, but this one so far has been sticking.  I am doing it in the afternoon before the big kids get home from school.  It would be great to say I could do this while V napped, but she is a horrible nap taker and usually she is cheerfully (or sometimes NOT cheerfully) by my side while I type.  (She does sleep great through the night!)

So...Here is a flashback to Spring Break.  We did our annual Spring Break budget, but since I didn't blog daily, I don't remember how much everything cost.  They used it all up and they used it well.

We were driving back from St. Louis on Tuesday (March 12).

Wednesday (March 13th), we went and saw "Wreck it Ralph" at the dollar theater.  Interesting experience.  V cried every time I took her in the theater.  She was fine in the hall.  I didn't see much of the movie.  J hates movies.  Every movie in the world scares him.  He is still shaking after watching "The Lorax" months ago.  We convinced him to join us and that it wouldn't be too scary (K had already seen it).  Nope.  He was super duper scared.  When V finally fell asleep, I went in for the last ten minutes or so.  J was rocking on his chair saying something like, "I knew I shouldn't have come.  I want to go home."  Over and over and over.  I thought he was super loud, but K and C didn't hear him so I hope we didn't disturb too many other families.

Thursday, March 14, we got breakfast and went to the park.  This has been a tradition for years and years.  This Spring Break was colder than most and we were cold while we ate, but it was still fun.

 I love the above picture.  I was able to capture all three of them doing different things, but in the same picture.  How fun!  :)

That night, we had my nieces and nephew come play and spend the night.  It was super fun.  They all slept in the loft/game room together and it was great to have them all.  I love each one of them.

The rest of Friday (the 15th), I already posted about here.  We had such a great time!  Spring Break was awesome!

I look at these pictures and I realize just how blessed I am.  I am lucky to be able to be a stay-at-home Mom.  I am blessed that I am able to do things like the Spring Break budget.  So blessed.  So very blessed.

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Jay said...

I was looking back on your Prosperity post and saw your lovely family picture. I made me realize just how long it's been since I've seen your smile face!! Too long. Can't wait to see you soon!

Plus I loved your quotes and of course, I love seeing your spring break days!