Monday, April 22, 2013

Catch Up: March 9 - March 12, 2013

 Back in early March, we took a trip to St. Louis.  A was in a play and it was a blessing to us that the performance happened to be on the first weekend of our Spring Break.  We took the opportunity and drove up. We had to wait for C to come home from Camp G. so we left very early on Saturday morning (like 2-3).

We were nervous for how V would do in the car.  She did better than expected.  Way better than expected.  She hates the car and we were so worried.  But, in the end, we were so blessed.  Other than a huge blow out that we had to change in a rinky-dink gas station bathroom (thank goodness K was there and could help), we didn't have any problems.

We went straight to the church where A was performing.  She knew we were coming, but her excitement to see us there was awesome!  :)  I am so glad that we could support her. 

 Afterwards, even though we were dead tired from being up all day (since early morning) and we had early church with the time change, we went with her to Red Robin with most members of her cast
 We loved it.  We loved being together.
 Sunday was great!  We got to spend the day together, playing games, eating, and just being together.  It was great.  I was so impressed with how the kids all woke up and got ready even on very little sleep.  It was impressive!
 C brought his silly glasses I sent him to Camp G.  Doesn't A look great?!?
 We self-timered the picture.  It turned out okay.  It is our family and I love them all so much!

On Monday, A had school and CK had work.  Since it was Spring Break for K, C, and J, I knew we had to do something fun.  We ended up going to the mall.  It was lightly snowing and cold so anything outdoors would NOT have worked.
 I gave them a budget of $20.  They took pictures in a photo booth, we ate pretzels...

 ...we played air hockey...

 ...we ate shakes at a soda fountain...

 ...and we went back to the hotel.  V looks so happy here!
We ended the weekend having dinner with A and leaving EARLY Tuesday morning for home.  So worth it.

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