Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter - March 31, 2013

Easter is a special holiday in our home.  It is a day to celebrate the life and the sacrifices of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful for all He has done for me and for my family.  We are truly blessed to be able to repent and return to live with God again.   I am grateful that we were able to remember Him together as a family.  We began the week with A here and so we got to discuss Easter with her as well.  She even gave a wonderful Family Home Evening lesson on the Atonement.  How grateful I am that we get to share these spiritual experiences together!

K and I went Easter clothes shopping kind of last minute as I had been sick and we had also had so much going on all month.  I do feel like Easter is a time of renewal.  A new outfit symbolizes the new life made possible through Jesus Christ. 

It is difficult to find modest dresses for teenage girls.  WOW!  I knew it was hard to find 'cute' modest clothes, but we couldn't even find anything ugly!  I wish that you could see K's dress up close.  It is cute.  We found a T-shirt that was the same color and she wore it underneath.  You would have never known it wasn't made that way, it worked so perfectly!  Very blessed!  We found a super cute dress for V and two blue ties for the boys.  Perfect.
This picture is just classic.  V loves to stick out her tongue and I love that she did while smiling in this picture.  I also love Daddy holding her.  He is such a great man.  He has so many responsibilities at church, with our family, with his employment, taking care of the home, etc..  And, he handles it all with such grace.  I am grateful every day that I (of all people in the world...I) get to be his wife.  I am blessed - so very blessed.

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