Thursday, June 6, 2013

6th annual last day of school water fight!!!

This was our sixth year doing this water fight.  So fun.  This is a picture from the first one, back in 2008.  J is the little guy by the bucket.  Look how much he has grown!  K is the girl in front with the braided hair and water balloon.

 Now for this year (year 6!).  It was so fun.  A has been looking forward to it for months!  She even wrote the chalk sign for me.  I always say something like, "Welcome to summer, 20_ _"  Part of the tradition.

So, we had 12 pizzas, a bunch of pencil shooters, some sponges, some water baseball, and lots of good friends.  This year was a little sad as another school district right next to us (one street away) doesn't get out of school until Friday and so all these friends weren't out yet to join us (that included my sister and nieces and nephew!).  We missed them.

 A did a great job with the signs on the driveway!
 This was me...trying to hold the camera and the pencil shooter and spray J as he got off the bus.  We both got him, but just a little since he hadn't changed into his swimsuit yet.
 No longer a Kindergartener!
 She spent a lot of the afternoon in her exersaucer.  She loved to get wet and she loved all the people.  She also loved to eat my hat.  :)

 Look at J now.  :)  So much bigger than the first water fight!

 What a fun time!  :)  Our beautiful grass is now very muddy and worn, but it will grow back.  :)  I am so thankful that CK feels that same way and humors me in my decision to do this every year.
 This picture is blurry and I have no idea what C is doing, but....the orange cone on his head is classic. They were playing some sort of game and they kept running around with different people with cones on their heads.  Interesting.
What a very fun time.  So glad we did it.  Worth all the planning.  Worth all the clean up.  Worth the fun of a yearly tradition.  I will miss it when we don't have it any more.  I am guessing that will be around the time that V goes to middle school. 

K is now a high school student!  CRAZY!!!!  She and her friends went swimming rather than the water fight and I am so okay with that.  I am grateful her friends felt comfortable in our home.  That is one of my goals.  My house may not be the cleanest, nor the most decorated, but I do hope that everyone that enters here feels welcome.

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Andrea said...

Such a fun idea. I too hope everyone feels welcome in my home.