Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day (May 27, 2013) was awesome.  We had our whole family together and we got to relax.  It was a great day.

We began the day with a devotional service regarding why we celebrate Memorial Day.  We put out our flag and said the Pledge of Allegiance.  We then went in and C played the national anthem on his trumpet while we all sang.  It was touching.

Then we took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast.  Just for fun.  We never go there unless on a road trip and we thought they'd enjoy doing something different.  We thought it would be busy...and it was...we were not the only ones with that idea!

We weren't sure if my sister was going to end up being available, so we kept ourselves free just in case.  They ended up getting in a little too late to get together, but that was okay.  We loved, loved, loved our laid-back family time.  We would also have loved the Memorial Day BBQ that one of my good friends hosts every year, but, in this case, I am so glad we stayed home together.

V took a nap and so I took everyone that wanted to swim to the pool while CK stayed home with V.  It was a chilly day...maybe up to 75 and cloudy and windy.  Not pool weather for me, but they were ready.  K also just put her feet in.
Here is the new swimsuit I just bought for A.  She looks great!
Isn't K gorgeous?!?
J is shooting water at the sky

C and A swimming together.
They also had fun with the bubbles.  K would let the wind blow them and J would try to shoot them. 

Yikes!  I get so cold just remembering how it felt when I look at the pictures. 

I cannot remember if we ate hamburgers before or after the pool, but I do remember that C made us some yummy ones!

What a great day!  How I love my family!  What blessings I enjoy!!!!  This day was so nice.  As the rest of the last week has been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy, I look back wistfully to such a relaxing day.  Someday it will happen again.  :)

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Kailee said...

K is freaking gorgeous. She is definitely not a little girl anymore :) all of your kids are so beautiful and getting so big. CANNOT WAIT to see you guys in like a month and a half!! haha I hope everyone is ready to make plenty of movies... ;)