Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome summer: Our Mini Stay-cation

 As you know, school ended on Wednesday, CK and I had planned a little vacation with the kids.  They didn't know anything about it.  We originally had planned on taking a different.  When we realized that wasn't really going to work with school and the dates we had A, CK had the idea to stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  It is less than an hour away and, although it is super pricey, we still figured we would spend less than our other trip we were planning.

So, Thursday afternoon, I called a family meeting and told the kids to pack one change of clothes and swim suits.  They were excited and curious.

When we drove up to Great Wolf Lodge, there was a lot of screaming and excitement.

 It was a pretty cool place, indeed.  V HATED the water.  She did not enjoy getting wet or having her face sprayed.  I hope it didn't taint her for a summer at the pool!  She actually did better the second day, so I think she will be fine.

After a couple hours of swimming, we checked in to our room and unpacked our things.  Then, we went out to dinner.  We ended up eating at Five Guys.  I have only eaten there a couple of times and it was YUMMY!!  For me, the best part was having mushrooms on my burger.  Everyone ate well, though.  Everyone like their meals.  Success!!

 When we got back to our room, we relaxed a little then everyone that wanted to went to play at the water park again.  In the end, it ended up being me with V and K.  That was fun...we just went exploring.  I couldn't take V back again.

 After K and V and I got back, as well as our swimmers, we left K in charge and CK and I went down a big slide together.  I am so glad that we have a daughter than not only is old enough, she is mature enough to take care of everyone, including V. 

When CK and I got back in about half an hour, she'd even put V down to sleep in her pack and play.
 While K and I walked around, we noticed how much the ice cream was.  After CK and I got back, I took all the kids and we each got some ice cream to eat in our room.  My grandma would be proud.  :)
 This is the kiddos the next morning - all hanging out together.

In the morning, CK went out and brought us breakfast.  We had to check out by 11, but could swim until 9 pm.  This was our view as we left:  I hadn't noticed the light fixture before.
 And...another photo op.

 We played outside first, since we had not done that on Thursday.

 J really wanted to lay down for a minute in the sun.  His life jacket made it difficult.
 Ahhh!  Much more comfortable.
 V and I watched from the shade.
 A wanted to take a turn in the sun, too.
 After inside, we went back to the water.  I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few:

 After swimming for a bit, we took a little break.  We went to eat lunch (the kids ALL agreed on Steak and who are we to complain?).

 After lunch, we took the kids to a very important place indeed:
 the temple!!!

At the temple, they have a "Walk About" book with pictures and information regarding the temple.  We borrowed it and walked around, learning about the tiles, the spires, and the Angel Moroni.  It was very interesting and the kids all loved it.

 Isn't it beautiful?  I feel peace just looking at this picture.

 Such a special experience.  I am glad that we could all go together and I am grateful that our children get to see the love we have for the temple.

We took a vote and decided to go back to the water park before going home.  At this point, we had already checked out and put everything in the car, so I left my camera in the glove box, thinking we wouldn't do anything new.

I was wrong.  I really missed my little camera.  I ended up taking Jarom to the Cub Club where he colored and painted.  V was with me and looked so cute too.  I would have loved pictures of it all.  I also would have loved a couple more of the water park.  K and I got to go down our favorite slide again together while CK had V.  Then, K watched V and C watched A and J while CK and I tried another slide.  It was fun.

After we changed and got dressed, it was about 8:00.  We were all exhausted.  We thought about eating at home, but the kids were ready.  We stopped and ate a bunch of chicken nuggets.  They were all so tired.  These pictures are a little silly since I asked them to look tired and these are the poses I got.

All in all, it was a great trip.  It was only about 32 hours and we packed it full, but we had so much fun.  I think it is vacation that we will never forget.  (It is also one that we are still recovering least me!)  I love my kids.  I love that I have each of them in my life.  I love how they get along so well with each other.  I love that we got to spend this time away from daily life and just being together.  I am so blessed.

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Kailee said...

How fun! That looks like an awesome place and the pool is great! Every time I read your blog, I get more and more excited for you to come in July! Wooo! :)