Monday, June 3, 2013

Father's Day 2013!

Yes, you did NOT read that wrong and, yes, we do know how to read a calendar.  But, on the actual Father's Day, we will only have one out of our five kiddos with us.  CK is such a good dad to all of them, that we decided to try and surprise CK with a special day.  We didn't surprise him with doing it (he found out), but we did surprise him with how we did it.

First, though, before I get to the pictures, last week was a crazy, crazy, crazy week.  Monday was a holiday.  Tuesday and Wednesday I spent ALL day doing cub scout stuff for twilight camp.  Don't get me started.  Things were a mess.  Online registration did not take and we had to re-do it again and again.  Finally it worked, but it took days.  Thursday was recovery day.  Friday was prep for Father's Day and J's award ceremony.  Saturday was C's baseball game, more prep for Father's Day, and A got quite sick.  I WILL catch up.  I will.  Both yesterday and today, all four older kids read and read and looked at the three blog books I have created so far.  This is their family history just as much as it is mine.  I feel obligated (in a positive way) to be accurate and complete in my posts.

Now for Father's Day...

CK had Elders Quorum Presidency meeting right after church, so the kids and I set up a treasure hunt while he was gone so he would have no idea.

When he came home, we gave him our Father's Day cards.  Inside the one from the kiddos was the first clue.  They all rhymed, but I didn't write them down.  :(
 He found it!
 Next clue included the "zoo."  K had created it out of J's stuffed animals.  He found it pretty quickly.
 Here we are....all following Dad as he follows the treasure hunt.  At each stop is a present.

 Each of the presents had something to do with tying flies for fly fishing.  He loves this and has mentioned that he wants to start doing this as a hobby.  We are just helping him along.  :)

 This clue was in the fridge. 
 And the last clue....

It did not lead to fishing stuff, it lead to a picture of the kids.  We took pictures...two with "D," two with "A", and two with "D."  The kids convinced me to do it too....even though he is not MY dad!

 In addition to the picture frame with the pictures, I created these also for him.  Aren't they precious?  Once I started, I couldn't stop. are the kiddos with their daddy.  J makes such silly faces!  In other pictures, he wasn't cut off, but he was being more and more silly.  This one will do, especially since V is smiling!

Finally, we got to break our fast and eat our Father's Day dinner.  It consisted of stuffed hamburgers and potatoes and, of course, homemade cherry pie - one of CK's favorites!

 Oh, how I love this man!  He is such a great daddy to each of his children.  He loves them so very much and would do anything for them.  I am blessed, so blessed, to have a man like this.  I can always count on him to raise these kiddos in the right way.  He teaches them the gospel, disciplines them when necessary, supports them in everything they do, and loves them absolutely unconditionally.  What a man!

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