Wednesday, June 12, 2013

J's Kindergarten Award Ceremony (May 31, 2013)

May 31st was a busy day for us.  It actually began before the award ceremony.  A and V and I went over to Cabella's to shop for Dad.  It was a surprise that we went because then he might know what we bought, but since we already did our Father's Day stuff, I can post the pictures.  The blessings to writing my blog post almost two weeks after the fact.  :)

 I didn't happen to be taking a picture, but that fist that is swimming towards and A and V....scared V to death.  She was so upset.

 I took this picture of this mountain lion just for me.  I am a cougar through and through.  Go BYU!

 A loved, loved, loved going to Cabella's.  It might be on her bucket list next time she is here.

After our quick Cabella's trip, we ate quickly and went to J's Kindergarten award ceremony.  Almost every picture I took has the name of the school in it.  I am a paranoid mama and I try to do all I can to protect identities and locations.  Doesn't always work, but I try.  So...I cropped the below picture so that you could see Ms. C. giving J his award.
 E Citizenship and Kindergarten Completion.  The only one he didn't get is perfect attendance.  Hard to get when you get sick.

J sure loved Ms. C.  She is an amazing Christian woman and I am so grateful for her.  She loved my J like he was her own.  She taught him the skills he needs to move on to the first grade. We were blessed this year.  So blessed indeed.

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