Tuesday, June 4, 2013

J's End-of-Year Party

 I cannot believe that J is finishing Kindergarten tomorrow!  Today was his end of year party.  He has grown so much.   He has an amazing teacher and I am so grateful for her.  He has had an amazing year.  He and his class came in as babies and are leaving as 1st graders.  So cool.  It makes me a little emotional. 
 These are two of his closest friends.

 V was so much fun throughout the party.  She is just such a big girl right now.  I love her.
Hard to believe that in a few short years it will be HER last day of Kindergarten.  Oh, how time flies.  K is going to high school next year.  Wasn't it just yesterday that she was V's age?  So, we will have K in 9th, C in 7th, A in 4th, and J in 1st.  What a busy family!

And...as a final side note...I KNOW I still have a lot to post from last week.  A has been sick, couple that with last week of school, and I have been busy!

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