Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Popsicles in Pajamas on the Porch

Tonight was awesome and I don't have pictures, but I still want to document the memory. 

I won't lie.  It has been a rough few weeks.  For us with all our kids, it has been just one thing after another with no break and no time to catch up.  I feel a little overwhelmed and it just doesn't look like there is any relief in the future.  As I look at everything coming up this summer, there just isn't a break.  I am really not looking forward to it.  :(  Oh well. I chose to have 5 kids.  I chose this crazy life.

Tonight, K did a bunch of work for me and then watched V while I did some that I had to do myself.  Awesome, right?  Yep, I have an awesome daughter for sure. 

We had tried to go swimming earlier today.  It took over an hour to pack up, change, and drive to get K's friend.  After all that work, the pool was closed.  It was contaminated and closed.  :(  The sign said that it would be open this evening.  So, after all K's help, we changed again and off to the pool we went. Closed again.  I am grateful that they clean it for us, though.  I cannot complain too much.

On the way home, I asked the kids if they wanted to have a popsicle.  They responded yes and they wanted to change to their pajamas and meet outside.  We ended up eating them on our back porch.  It was a great night.  There was a breeze and we were in the shade.  Very comfortable indeed.

I didn't enjoy my popsicle, so I offered it to the dog.  Jazz took a while to decide it was okay to try it.  When she did, she licked it and licked it and licked it.  It was so sweet.  I wish we had a camera, but we didn't so I told the kids to just take a heart picture.  :)

I am glad we had this moment to relax and spend time together.  What a breath of fresh air (literally) in an otherwise crazy week.  :)


Kailee said...

Your words give a picture :) I love those nice moments in life.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great evening!