Friday, July 18, 2014

Awesome crazy kids!!! (Multiple Days in July 2014)

I have been going through pictures and found a few that I would like to post.  These are all pictures of our crazy kids that I love so very much.

In this one, C and K are playing a game that involves hand clapping and V came in and tried to join them.  It was funny.
In this one, V is helping daddy build a water toy out of PVC pipe.  I found it on Pinterest and CK agreed to help me make it.  :)

This picture is a little late, but it is a recreation of K's birthday (her number day).  I was so excited to take the picture in Colorado when we were there, but I didn't do it with all going on, so we brought the number home and did it here.
Ditto for J's picture.  I took the number to Colorado with us and back, but didn't do it while we were there.
This picture, however, is one of Baby C's 5 month pictures.  I remembered to take it on the actual day.  Although the 5 month page is not in the picture, this is the best one of him, so I chose to include this one.
This picture was just last week.  V and Baby C were both enjoying being on Daddy's lap.
This next series of pictures was all taken last night.  A is here with us!  Oh, what a blessed feeling it is to all be together!  For those of you that enjoy having all your kids with you most of the time, you have no idea how awesome it feels to finally all be together under the same roof. 

So, all the kids just laid down on the floor.  I hurried and grabbed my phone to document it.  I lifted the phone high to try and catch the moment.  This is what I got.  Guess I need to look and not guess.  Still, all the feet is a fun picture.
Then, one by one, everyone hopped up.  I took a picture each time, but some turned out a little blurry.  Here is V up with everyone else down:
Then, V and C.
Now just J and Baby C are on the floor.  C helped Baby C stand up and J was the only one left, but that picture was even more blurry than these are.
Finally, I realized that I never posted any pictures of Baby C's newborn shoot.  I have a dear friend that is a photographer and she came and took these pictures.  I randomly chose one to add here.  They were all so good.  This is cute, too, with his little feet and my hands making a heart. 
Oh!  How I love my kids!  We are so very lucky.  There is always something that makes life a little challenging.  Right now, now that we spent our savings to buy a new van, things seem to be breaking and we keep having to spend money.  And.... the prices of food and everything else just keep rising.  We are so blessed to have each other and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Really - Nothing else matters.  :)

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