Saturday, July 12, 2014


I am working really hard at blogging.....I have so much to document that I feel a great need to catch up, even if some posts are a month or two late.  So, I am working backwards through my camera roll.  Over just the last couple of days, I have captured some priceless pictures of my kids enjoying each other.

Here is C with C.  Classic.

And here is K and C battling over whose "Baby" is better.  "Well, MY baby can......"

This was taken this morning.  Baby C was playing in the exersaucer and V was talking to him and playing too.  When they saw me coming to take a picture, they both looked my way, but they were moments before playing together.  I know that these two, being so close together, will definitely drive each other crazy at times, but I sure hope that they become great friends as well.

hese next two were taken this afternoon.  V has a new found love of having Baby C on her lap. 
Like I said, I sure hope that they become great friends. 
I am sure blessed.  I have great children.  I have an amazing husband.  I have spent the week preparing my Young Women lesson on the blessings of the temple.  This has led me to ponder all the blessings and strength that the temple has given me throughout the divorce and the heartaches that surrounded that.  It has been six years since the struggles began.  My life was turned upside down, but I have definitely been taken care of and I have more joy in my life than I could have EVER dreamed.  

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