Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our classic the outlet malls! (June 30, 2014)

I am still working backwards with my posts. 

We were planning on coming home following the wedding on Monday, June 30th.  However, I happened to speak with my dear sister-in-law (XDH's sister).   We were just catching up, but discovered that we were both going to weddings on the same day....about two hours apart.   WHAT!?!  We would be able to see each other???  So, we planned on staying an extra day.  I was nervous about the expense, but my parents helped with the extra hotel night and CK worked in the hotel while we went and met.  I would have loved to have him there, but the only way to make it work was to have him work in the hotel.

It was such a blessing to stay in so many ways.  Within moments of seeing each other, the delay was SO WORTH IT!  Families are so very important.  I love this family so very much and we usually only get to see them once a year.  This year, since we are going on a family vacation, we aren't making our usual trek to see family and we would not have been able to be together.  This meeting was such a blessing. 

An unexpected blessing was that we were able to spend more time with my parents.  We played games.  We ate dinner.  We were able to enjoy each other for another day.

So, back to the B family.  We were true to the F Family style and met at some outlets half way between where they were and where I was.  It only took 45-50 minutes to get there for me.  Not bad.

J and G are the same age.  G is the youngest in her family and LOVES the babies.  She was always with one or the other.  Talking to them, pushing them, laughing with them.  It was so fun to see her.  J and her get along very well also.

I took V into the restroom with the other girls and we came out to find Uncle C making Baby C laugh and laugh. 

Cousins: V (in stroller), K, C, K, S, G, J, CR, and C(behind the bench)

He fell asleep.
V didn't want her picture taken.  She hid in my hair.  So, here I am with L (my dear sister!)

We stopped together for a quick fast food bite for lunch.  The food wasn't great, but the company was AWESOME!  More time together!  :)

And, finally, after saying our sad goodbyes, I had C take some pictures as we drove back to our hotel:  MOUNTAINS!  I grew up in Colorado with mountains, but now they are so amazing to me.  Beautiful.  Just Beautiful.

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Kailee said...

I'm SO glad we got to see you guys. It was definitely for sure worth it. Love you! Also V and C are really just the CUTEST. gah :)