Sunday, July 20, 2014

Random Pictures from our days in Colorado (Mostly June 29,2014)

We had such a  great trip to Colorado.  We enjoyed our stay immensely.  Here are some random pictures from our stay.

Eating soup for lunch at the hotel:

Saying goodbye to my brother and sister-in-law (A and A).

Getting ready for Sunday dinner with the family.  V isn't sure about me taking a picture.

My nieces:  E, C, and T.  They are ready for Sunday Dinner too.

And the boys...J, C, and S.
My mom has a goofy look on her face.  She is so much fun and so expressive.

And here is the clan....eating away.  Yummy Sunday dinner!  We were so blessed that the hotel let us use their breakfast room.  We heated all the food in our individual rooms and then carried it over (which they lent us the luggage cart to put all the food on) and then served it and ate it all together.  What a great time to be together.  My three brothers and their wives all had to leave (of course one was on his honeymoon!), but my sister and I enjoyed the evening with my parents.  It was good.

My best friend, A, came and joined us.  She is like family.  All through high school, we were joined at the hip, so she was like another sister/daughter to our family.  We loved having her join us!

And V was tired, but I have to get a picture of her with A, since she is named after her (V.A.).
This, I think was Monday morning.  I look over and V is lying on the coffee table, just giggling away.

Not to be outdone...Baby C is lying down too. 
I love pictures.  I have always wanted a super nice camera to capture these moments.  I don't have one.  These are all just from my phone, but....I still love pictures.  I love that I am able to remember my kids as they are now.  I love my family.  I love pictures.

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