Saturday, July 12, 2014

C is Thirteen!!!! (July 9-10, 2014)

C turned 13 this week!  Crazy!

I am so proud of him.  I am so grateful that I get to be his mom.  What a huge blessing.  He is kind.  He is helpful.  He is aware of others around him.  He is very athletic.  He loves sports.  He plays the trumpet.  He is diligent and talented in his school work.  He has made choices that have helped him become an amazing young man.

So, the morning before his birthday, we surprised him by putting an envelope on the fridge.  It said, "Happy Early Birthday, C!"  Then:
Who:  YOU
What:  Look Inside
Where:  Somewhere close
When:  Today
Why:  We love you!

Inside were tickets to the Rangers game.  C LOVES the Rangers.  He was surprised with tickets for the night BEFORE his birthday.

The Rangers have not been doing well - it has been an injury-filled poor season, but C still loves them and loved attending the game.

Between the time he got his tickets and the time he went to the game, my sister and kids came to take him to lunch.  K, J, V, and Baby C and I decided we had time to come along.  So we all got to spend time together.  My kids sure LOVE their cousins.  I am so glad we live close together.  Seeing them only once a year would NOT be enough.

C wanted to hang out with friends on his birthday.  So, I drove him with R, V, and S over to Main Event --it isn't close, but so worth it.  They did laser tag and bowling for about four hours and then I picked them up again.

When they got back to the house, we got to have cake and ice cream....Lemonade Cake, of course!

Later in the day, he opened presents.  He was very surprised when he received a SECOND set of Rangers tickets.  :)

He also got a new phone for his birthday.  We planned on it just having text and call capabilities, but found out that his particular phone actually requires data also.  We did not want to jump him to the smartphone world yet, but I actually think he will rise to the occasion and be trustworthy and mature enough to handle it.  If not, it is gone and it is mine.

Like I said before, I am so proud of C.  He is a good kid and I am one lucky Mama!  :)

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