Sunday, July 22, 2007

Trip Day 13: July 12, 2007: We're going home!

We got up early on July 12th to make the long journey home. It took me 16 long hours of driving (remember I was by myself with three kids!). We only had to stop a couple of times for construction. For lunch I was sick of fast food, so we got the kinks out by walking around WalMart for an hour and buying sandwiches from the deli. It was a good break. We also stopped at two rest areas that were incredibly nice. Both had awesome playgrounds, a 24-hour on duty guard, super clean restrooms, millions of picnic tables and trails. They were nice breaks, too. One of them was a necessity as I was getting sleepy and we had to stop. The kids were watching the DVD player, but decided that they also had to fight and so my nap was cut short. We only had one near-accident, but it was very scary. We were entering in a smaller town and a guy turned left in front of me. To this day, I am unsure how we avoided an accident. Angels again? We finally got home late at night, so grateful to have made it, so grateful to see DH, and so annoyed by the humidity!


nikko said...

Looks like the same rest stop we stopped at! How funny!

zeebee said...

I am SO glad that you made it home safe!!!!