Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break 2008-Day 1

It's back! Spring Break! is another year without any huge going away plans. But, the kids have been sooooo excited to repeat our Spring Break Budget from last year. They have actually already been planning for weeks. This year their budget is $50 for the week. They get to decide what we do, where we go, etc. They can use it all at once on a big outing or have 5 littler outings. It is so neat to see them deciding how to save money (coupons, discount days, gift certificates). It really is a great way to teach them about budgeting and they LOVE being in control. It is sometimes an eye opener what they choose to do and what they find the most enjoyable.

So, for Day 1: First they had to get their "Done Before Fun" services completed (commonly known as chores). They got up bright and early and were done before 9 am, I think.
  1. Then, it was off to GameStop to buy a new DS game (they paid for it didn't come out of the budget).
  2. Next, we went to Barnes and Noble. My friend had given them gift cards to there for Christmas since they are such readers. (They actually earned $0.50 since I bought LD a book in the same transaction and ended up spending less than the book cost since each of them had about $0.25 left on their cards.)

  3. Next we went to Wendy's for lunch ($8.75). The plan had been to go to Chili's since they had coupons, but we were worried that we'd miss the movie (see below).
  4. Then we went to the dollar theater to see Enchanted. (Surprise! It was family Monday and the tickets were only $0.50 each instead of $1.25! So, we only spent $2.) They skipped popcorn and drinks and stuff so that they could save their money. The movie was good. It was pretty long, however, and LD didn't like the last 45 minutes or so. Oh well...the kids loved it! :)

Budget summary: $50.00 + $0.50 -$8.75 - $2.00 = $39.75


Jan said...

What a brilliant idea. I would be a richer woman if I would have done it like that. Way to go guys and have a blast always.

Heather said...

Yeah, that is a great idea. So it's 50 for the whole week for all of them?? Just trying to clarify.

I have a good life said...

Yes. (We're cheap...saving for a big vacation, instead of spending a lot this week!)

And...not only that...if we go eat or something...they have to pay for LD and me as well. They don't have to pay any gas, but other than is all up to them.

Actually, from what they have planned for this week I don't think we will even use the whole $50. We'll see.

Jen said...

Oh, how wonderful to have a kid plan! Makes it all seem very simple. I wish we had a week off together! We get Friday to play...

Cheri said...

What a great idea and great teaching tool as well.
I bet their eyes are opened a bit on the cost of everything!

Chel said...

Fun! I love your budget and your plans. How cool is that?!

Maggie said...

Your kids are learning so much by doing that. They will know how to budget because they learned hands on. Have a great vacation.

Li said...

We don't even get a spring break! They have two days off because of end of term. Friday we have a wedding. Monday Park City maybe.
Have lots of fun!