Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break 2008 - Day 4, Part B

So, after getting up at 5:45 am, showering, working, and cleaning until 9, putt-putting, etc. until 1:30....AFTER all that, we left for Jumping Party at 2:30. CRAZY. I am one tired Mama. But, my kids had a great time and we had budgeted $10.50 (using a coupon, of course) and had to pay nothing but a birthday present (I already had it didn't come out of the budget). I am thinking that tomorrow will be much more laid back! :)

Budget Summary: $20.59 - $0 = $20.59


nikko said...

You guys are crazy. ;o) I loved having a slow=paced day today.

Which jumping place is that?

Jan said...

With all that you guys seem to do, may I be your Nanny? So much fun going on over there.

Cheri said...

I'm tired just hearing about all your activities the past week.

utmommy said...

Sounds like a crazy day. Glad you guys are enjoying your spring break.