Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blast from the past: June 28, 2010: K's 11th birthday!

Because of all the craziness and going unexpectedly out of town, K's birthday was a bit of an adventure. She had stayed behind with the wonderful S family so that she could attend College for Kids. When my grandma did pass away and the funeral was scheduled, she still had to miss the last week, but, at least she got to be there for a time.

My sister and her family also live in Texas. They took K with them on the drive to Colorado. I don't know if she helped or hurt, but it became a family with 5 kids with her there. Once in Colorado, we had to decide how to get her to Utah. We wanted to be together on her birthday. My mom had recently undergone surgery and was not supposed to travel much either. We finally decided that the two of them would fly together.

They got to fly on her birthday. She loved it. She enjoyed the flight and even more than that, our friends at Southwest got over the PA system and had the entire plane sing "Happy Birthday" to her. How she loved that!!!!! She will always remember this birthday. They even re-announced it as they approached Salt Lake City...."Time is_. Temperatures is_. And, don't forget it is K's 11th birthday!"

Here we are picking her up at the airport:
Her cousins and her aunt and I had planned a surprise birthday party for her. We kept her out of the basement all day long. When we went down there, her cousins had decorated it so nicely for her. She was pleased and surprised!
Her other aunt, Z, is a master face painter. She is much sought after for festivals and shows. She also does glimmer tattoos, which every body loves. She came and painted faces as a special guest at K's party. Here she is with J:
We ate K's favorite meal for dinner (also my favorite!): carne asada, plantains, frijoles, etc.. YUMMY!
Crazy face-painted cousins!
Time to open presents:

Finally, time for cake! I made lemonade cake...her favorite and we used candies to make a "peace sign." She loved it!
I tried to be a tiger with J. He looks better than I!

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Missy said...

If you get a chance would you post the recipes for K's favorite meals. Looks yummy!