Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Water Park Day!

Today I woke up so grumpy. I had a million things to take care of and probably not enough time. But, that is not why I was grumpy...I have no idea why I was grumpy, I just was. But, among so many other things to do today, I had made plans to meet a friend and her kids at a local water park. So, we went.

Here is J....it would've been a super cute picture, but the goldfish in his mouth ruined it a little.
This is K's best friend, E. They had so much fun together. We don't get very many opportunities to be together and I am so glad we did get to today.
By the time we were done, the grumpies were gone, the kids were happy, a sunburn was on my chest, and I had a new lease on life. :)
We also picked up my dear mother-in-law on the way home. It is so wonderful to have her around. She got to join us last night for Family Home Evening and tonight for piano lessons, library, dinner, baths, and scriptures and prayer. Another evening in our family's life and we got to share it with her. What a great opportunity to build the generational bonds.