Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done

I had a prompting Saturday at the temple that seemed absolutely insane. But, the urgency kept building. I decided I would follow the prompting and fly to an unknown city. I started planning on going in two weeks. Yet the urgency never left, in fact it kept pressing on me. So, less than 24 hours ago, the thought FIRST crossed my mind that maybe I should just fly today (now yesterday). Less than 24 hours ago it first crossed my mind and now I have flown there and back. For a girl who plans EVERYTHING that is CRAZY! I had a little less than 30 minutes to pack, find someone to take my kids and head off to the airport. I bought a ticket and hopped on a plane. Once there, I rented a car and followed my prompting.

It was EXACTLY what I was supposed to do. I know it was. I have probably never been more sure of a prompting. BUT I have no idea why. Instead of understanding better why, I have more questions. I don't know that I will ever understand why. I just know I spent $900 and went 800 miles and back in 20 hours and I don't regret it at all. I KNOW I had to go. Just still no answer on why.

This morning I returned the rental car and got on my flight back home. Here I am exhausted and back within less than a day. All I know for sure is that I followed the Lord and I can't go wrong with that and that I did the bravest thing I have ever done all by myself in a strange city because of that prompting.


nikko said...


So are you going to say what you did? :o)

Robin said...

Where did you go?

Jay said...

Definitely the Amazing Race! Now to find the "clues" that you were sent to find on your Race. Sometimes it's never the "why" clues that become clear, but rather the "what am I learning" clues. But you know that, my very wise and amazing friend. And here I am all nervous about how to act on a prompting to invite my neighbors over for a FHE! At least they aren't 800 miles away!

Andrea said...

That's awesome. I'm dying to know where you went and what you did. Sounds so spontaneous and fun!