Friday, August 6, 2010

Exhausted...for good reason

Wow! I am sooooo exhausted. I haven't yet recovered fully from my spur-of-the-moment trip out of town. And....this week we have gone glasses shopping/purchased glasses, spent a lot of time with my in-laws who made a surprise visit into town, went to Six Flags in 108 degree heat, and went to the museum (with my in-laws). I am absolutely exhausted. I cannot remember ever being this tired....I don't even think I have recovered from my trip to Colorado/Utah/Idaho. More fun tomorrow, too. :)

Here are the last few days in pictures:

This other state I visited is sooooooooooooo pretty. I had never been there, but it reminded me of Portland (I used to live there). Above is a picture I took as I drove to return the rental car. It doesn't even do it justice. WOW!

Above is a view from the plane as I was going home. Looking through the window, I spent hours thinking of how immensely awe-inspiring God is. All flesh is in his hands, including me and my odd trip out of town.
Now for the kids and their glasses. Above is the "before" picture and below is the "after." Both of them chose their own glasses and I think they did a GREAT job!

My dear father-in-law with J. They love each other and we all love ice cream in this heat. Yesterday we broke the rules and ate ice cream first before lunch! Oh well, this we only get one life, we have to live it, right?
Now, Six Flags. This was the first thing we did and we were already sweating to death. HOT!

Lunch. C intentionally made a silly wasn't that he had food in there. :) Silly kid.

Up in the tower above the park. Beautiful.

This is my very favorite ride....maybe in my whole life. C and I rode it and I absolutely LOVED it. I could've done it all day long. This picture was taken from up in the tower.

Ready for the parade after a very LONG day!

The light parade was so fun!
Today at the museum. We went to a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. He was so amazing. Here is K after helping recreate an arch.
Another part of the exhibit was creating and testing a suspension bridge. Here is J with Papi O.
C's wheels were turning in his brain as he used materials to invent a windmill.
K created a tower (with a "K" on top).
She also created a fan hat with a fan always at her disposal (stuck in the back).
At the energy exhibit...Papi O, Mami R, and C, J, and K. We loved being together.
J is shopping...very seriously, of course. Not a job to be taken lightly!
They have an outside fountain outside the museum. Perfect for a day like today. On the way home, we read a sign that put the temperature at 115. I think it might've been a little high, but probably not too much. Yikes! That is hot!
K and C loved the fountain and were soaked. Papi O and I each went through once and got drenched that one time! If you look carefully, you can see C's face with pure joy through the fountain. It was the end of a wonderful day. :)
It is now 10:12 and I am so tired. I will read my scriptures and go to bed. Hopefully receiving enough energy to be ready for the Primary activity tomorrow morning! ZZZZZZZZ... (good night).
PS....I am trying to not share too much personal information, but I have to mention that CK and I are taking a week-long discovery break. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I definitely know that I miss my best friend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! Maybe we'll join you next time:-)

C Ford

nikko said...

I am exhausted just reading this! hugs!

zeebee said...

what great posts these all are!! so sorry but I had to steal a couple of pictures! all of the boy cousins together? i didn't even think of that! but the most important question of all is...where did K get that awesome cape?!?!?!