Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Trip...Continued..FAMILY ROCKS! (June 25-June 27)

I cannot believe how many pictures I have to go through! We really packed it in while were out of town last month. After being in Idaho, we drove to Utah to my awesome and incredible sister-in-law's house. They had a bunch of family in town for a wedding, but they still lovingly put us up unexpectedly. What a great example of hospitality and love.

The second night we were there, we went to Savior of the World...a musical performed by the youth of the Stake. It was incredible. The Spirit was very strong. I know it touched me and I know it touched C. K was still in Texas with our good friends. We were missing her and wishing she was there. Here are those family-filled days in pictures:
Papi O. and J at Savior of the World....these two have a very special bond and I have dozens of pictures with Papi O carrying J.
On Saturday, we went to a festival where my other dear sis-in-law was painting faces and applying glimmer tattoos. Both were very cool. My nephew, A, was also in town for football camp. We had the extra special and unusual opportunity to have all the grandsons together at once. So...of course I had to take a picture.

All the grandsons with their grandpa.
These three cousins absolutely love each other. Crazy kids.
More boy cousin time.
J and his cousin, G, loved each other so much. They are only a few months apart. Every afternoon, either L or I would read them books before they both laid down for a nap. Here is L reading to them.
Told ya there would be another...I didn't even realize I uploaded two of them. :)
S, CR, and their Sunday best...on a trampoline. Usually it is not a Sabbath activity, but....cousins are together only so infrequently that we bent the rules.

Me with my dear in-laws. Oh, how I love them!
J and G playing together. Later, KB, the oldest of the cousins came out and drew with them. She is so good with them and all the kids love her.

A and me. Wow! He is so tall. When I first joined the family, he was only 2 or 3. Wow!
CB giving rides to G and J. They all had so much fun. It was like pulling teeth to get them to come in again when it was bedtime.
How I love, love, love our family! We always have a wonderful time. It makes me so wish we lived closer so the cousins could experience more time together. We are counting down the days until we get to be together again. I think it will be for Thanksgiving since I don't have the kids for Christmas this year. Maybe XDH will take them for Christmas. They would love to go twice in the fall/winter!!!!!

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