Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

So, a while ago I saw a summer fun list idea (probably on Pinterest).  We decided to compile one.  We spent a couple weeks adding things to our list and last night we each chose two that we really want to do and put these on our official Family Bucket List.  The rest we might get to do as well, but these we will make a special effort to accomplish.

And below is the list we originally compiled (although we are constantly adding more).  The ones that made it to the official list are in red text.  We actually had two last night that were not on our original list:  Make rock candy, and summer Thankful Wall.

Get a wading pool and sit in it

Have a water balloon fight

Make a surprise for someone

Blow bubbles

Paint a painting together. 

Come up with a family catch phrase

Pull someone else's weeds

Six flags

Rangers game

Cats game

Invite a family we don't know to play games

Make a movie together

Make a family newsletter 

Create a silly holiday: donuts?

Dance in the rain

Make mirror faces

Code names for a day

Watch the sunset while drinking root beer floats

Family flag

Family song with music video

Spend an hour playing with jazz

Flashlight tag

Fly a kite and sing the song

Chapter book together

Sit on the book chair and take pictures

Make a photo booth and take silly pictures 

Secret family member

Climb a tree

Become ninja masters

Do one of the library days

Have lunch at the airport

Have a girls night and a boys night. 

Write letters to service men

Progressive dinner 

Improv night

Make a music CD

Individual stepping stones
Drive-In Theater
We are so loving having A here.  She completes our family perfectly.  I haven't yet taken many pictures, but here she is with V.  I tried to get them both doing push-ups at the same time, but I just couldn't quite capture it.  :)

 I love how they love each other.  Good thing: They share a room!  They are both light sleepers and I think sharing means they both wake up a little earlier, but 2/2 nights they have both slept all through the night!  :)  We are so blessed.

Speaking of being blessed and speaking of Memorial Day, I am so grateful for all that have given their lives for me and my family and the freedoms that we enjoy.  I am also grateful for all the families that are currently separated as one of them is currently defending our liberties and freedom.  How blessed we are indeed.  I am grateful.  I am grateful that I don't even know what it is like to not have these freedoms.  I am grateful.  So grateful to our veterans of all wars.  We are blessed.

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