Saturday, March 3, 2007

Girls' Night Out

I got to go out tonight for my birthday with a bunch of my friends! I love Girls' Nights Out. Half the fun is the conversation in the car. I meant to take a bunch of pictures, but I had Little Dan with me and he was needy, then I forgot, and then we just took a few in the car on the way home. Unfortunately that means we didn't get a picture of everyone! :(

We went to Olive Garden, which I love...but didn't love tonight. They wouldn't take reservations for our big group, so the first one we went to had a two hour wait. The second one we went to had a one hour wait and we waited slightly longer than this. Then, they don't have my favorite meal anymore and I tried something new and didn't like it AND the bread sticks (usually the best part) were nasty-hard with no butter/seasonings.

Thank goodness that the company was OUTSTANDING! I love going out with friends. Thanks guys!


txmommy said...

sorry your dinner wasn't good :(
It was a fun night though so thanks for having a birthday!

Suzanne said...

I thought I saw a TXMommy driving the car! It's funny when I don't know what bloggers know each other! :D

Leah Joy said...

Soory that it was a long night that didn't turn out the best, but you did have a good time with good friends so that's a plus!
Hope that next time Olive is better to you!

Dawnyel said...

Yay for fun company.....
Boo for bad food!! Poo on Olive Garden!! (Until we're hungry and not wanting to cook!) ;)
Thanks for the visit!

nikko said...

Yay! It was so much fun! (minus the wait and the crusty breadsticks!)