Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Blanket, Tidy House Tip, and Beautiful Weather

This is a random post day:

1) Little Dan has a cute new quilt from his Grandma and Aunts. He loves it!

2) I am back on my routine that works for me and my house is so clean. This tip is super simple, but really, really works (at least for me). I spend 15 minutes in the morning right after everyone leaves tidying, doing dishes, sweeping, whatever needs to be done to make the house presentable. Then, right before bed, I set the timer again for 15 minutes and tidy everything up. This one routine alone does wonders for me. I have been doing it off and on for always works until I get too lazy or tired one night and then it is all down hill until I revive the routine.

This time I have added setting the breakfast table during the night 15 minutes. This has helped breakfast run more smoothly, too. Partly due to the fact that now I know before I ever go to sleep what I am making for breakfast, since I already set the table!

3) Finally, I think we are enjoying the most beautiful weather on the planet! It is sunny, 75ish degrees, a slight breeze. It is so gorgeous! What a blessing! It is the most beautiful weather ever!


nikko said...

I agree. The weather has been so nice!

I feel like I spend all day tidying the house. Not sure what 15 minutes would do... but I'll try it!

Joyismygoal said...

Good tip It works, if you do :) cute quilt but cuter baby

utmommy said...

If I don't go to bed with the house picked up then all else goes to pot. It's amazing. Sometimes I feel like little elves sneak into my house and mess it up in the middle of the night.

The quilt is darling!

Suzanne said...

What a great idea! Housecleaning always seems so overwhelming, but putting in 15 in the morning and at night really isn't that much time. I'm sure it would make a huge difference! :D

CHEL said...

I totally use the "set the timer for 15 minutes" thing. It works on me and my 8 year old and we run around the house cleaning and picking up. It's actually fun!

Your baby is super cute.. love that face!

As for the weather... we just came off a month of temps in the 70's and it was beautiful, I totally know what you are saying. Now we are hitting the 90's this weekend and I love it even more!

txmommy said...

he is sooo cute! look how big he's getting.
Darling quilt!

GOod tip:)

Dawnyel said...

Love new blankies!!
What a good tip....if only I could keep my "cleaning" to 15 minutes a day!!
And SO jealous of 75 degree weather!! It's still a bit cold here...but at least the snow is gone!! YAY!