Thursday, March 1, 2007

Science Projects, Beautiful Flowers, and Blogging

This is a very random post. First, K's science project is all done and in! Hurrah! We have been working for weeks on it and to have it done is a big relief for both of us! (I was about to attach a picture...but it has her name in big letters all over it...and I'm a little paranoid!)
Second, look at the gorgeous flowers my sister sent for my birthday. If I could attach a smell to this post, you'd be in heaven for the fragrance is divine! Finally, I been having so much fun with all my new blogging friends (maybe too much the dishes can attest!).
P.S. Another random thought...the snack basket idea for WFMW from a couple of weeks great! The kids are happy. I am happy. It works!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Wow, those flowers are gorgeous, especially the lilies! I hope you had a nice birthday! I spend too much time blogging too! :)