Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas #2: Home (Mom, Dad, & V) 12/25/12

We got home on the 24th to a cold evening.  After unpacking, we built our first fire in our new home and enjoyed Christmas Eve, just the three of us.  A stinky part of divorce is not having your children with you on important family-time holidays.  I thought maybe it would be more difficult than it was.  I missed K, C, A, and J.  But, we had just seen A and K, C, and J were with their dad in a cabin and I knew they were having a great time.  This makes separation so much easier.  

 Christmas morning we helped V open two of her presents:

CK and I also opened our presents from each other.  And then....the snow began.  I am so grateful that CK was able to have a white Christmas.  My Idaho husband misses that a lot.  It wasn't a ton of snow, but a good couple inches--enough to blanket the earth in white and make it feel even more like Christmas.

 After our Christmas celebrations, we watched some football and prepared to celebrate CK's birthday....yes, he is a Christmas baby and loves it!

All-in-all, it was a very relaxing and laid-back day.  We loved spending the time together.  I am so grateful for CK.  His birthday is a good time to remember just how awesome he is.  He treats me like a queen.  He loves all his children with all his heart, something that he CHOSE to do.  Step-parents can be very special that way.  I am so grateful that he has taken my three kids and loves them so very much.  He is a great dad to all five of our children.  He plays with them, loves them, teaches them, and, when necessary, disciplines them.  He listens to me and always tries to better himself as a husband.  If there is anything he perceives could be better (even if I don't notice and/or say anything), he just does it.  I am amazed at his selfless character.  I am indeed blessed to kneel and pray together with him every night and morning.  He is the man of my dreams and the longer we are married, the more this is so.  I am so blessed.

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Lana said...

I am so happy that you are happy. You deserve it! I only wish I was there to be happy with you.
Love you