Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Day with Niece C

Have I said before how very awesome it is that my sister lives just about 20 minutes away?  It is sooooooooooooooooooo cool.  One of the benefits is that I get the chance to spend time with my nieces and nephew.  I am truly blessed.
My niece, C, turned 5 back in December.  The gift we purchased for her they already owned.  Hmm...time for a new gift.  At that time, I told her I would take her shopping to exchange it for another.  With the holidays and sicknesses and V's multitude of doctor appointments, it has taken us a while to get there, but today was the day.
Although my sister and I arranged it a while ago, I called C last night and invited her to spend time with me today.  I was so excited this morning to do it.
My sister and I met in the middle and I picked her up. We headed to eat lunch with J at his school.  We got there early and had a great time chatting, spreading out our lunches, and watching C be killer at Angry Birds.  That girl is good!  Once J got there, the two of them had so much fun together!  I am so glad they get to grow up together.
Then, we were off to shop.  We returned gift A and went shopping for its replacement.  It didn't take long to find the perfect gifts.  C surprises me sometimes.  She is very shy at moments and at others so capable and not shy.  Paying at the store was one of those moments.  She put her gifts right up, took out the gift card and paid-no hesitation.

 The cashier realized that C was paying and asked her if she would like to keep the gift card to play with even though the value was used.  C thought that was a great idea.

 I was planning on taking C out for frozen yogurt or ice cream, but, since it was relatively cold today, she opted for hot chocolate.  We drove around looking for somewhere that had it (She didn't want Starbucks hot chocolate).  Finally, we found that Sonic did.  It was super hot and we brought it back to drink and play. 
 Since the hot chocolate was still too hot after a bit, we added ice cream.  YUM!  C loves ice cream.  She ate scoop after scoop and since it was our special day, all normal aunt rules went out the window and I allowed it.  :)

It was such a great day.  I am so glad that we had that chance.  It makes me remember to make more time to be with my family individually, both my own kids and my nieces and nephew.  This is where true joy is found.

And... for an update on V....she had her weigh-in today:  UP ONE WHOLE POUND!!!  Yes, I did not say ounce, I said POUND!!!! 

It truly is a miracle.  I can see her chunkiness coming.  I miss her super happy personality, as I just think she is so overstuffed at all times and it just isn't as comfortable.  But, hey, she is growing.  We are so blessed.  I like her GI doctor, I like her nutritionist, I like her new pediatrician.  I think things are going well....and that is also shown by this weight gain!!!

(I have no idea why this picture won't turn the other way.  It is right-side-up until I add it.  And, now I have two and I cannot delete one.  Odd.)

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zeebee said...

Hey Sis, I love to hear what's going on in your life, and I know it's so hard with little V's ups and downs but just know we are all praying for her and thinking of you all! And I like the pic that way, it's cute! :)