Saturday, January 12, 2013

"In His Constant Care"


 This picture is art by Simon Dewey.  I am certain it is copyrighted and should not be printed.

But, this picture shows exactly what I am feeling.  V has to go in for blood work and then, depending upon the results, she will be sent to a specialist....probably either a nutritionist or a GI specialist, maybe a different specialist if her blood panel shows something more serious.  Since she is nearing four months old and only weighs 8 lbs-3 oz, it makes sense to try and figure out what is wrong.  We have spend the last 5-6 weeks making sure she has enough calories going in.  Now, we need to figure out where they are going if they are not helping her to grow.  It is still a little scary for this mama.  I have never experienced this before.  I have been blessed to have completely healthy and "normal" babies.  This scares me.  I don't want to poke her, draw her blood, or cause her discomfort.  She is so happy and has such a great personality and I don't want that to change.  I know it probably won't, but it still causes me some worry.

That is why I absolutely love this picture.  I have framed it and hung it above her bassinet...for her to look at and for me to look at also.  It gives me peace, knowing that my baby girl is in His hands.  Jesus Christ knows her, knows what is best for her, and knows she will be okay.  I am so grateful for my knowledge in His plan that gives me peace.  I am grateful to know that there is life beyond death, just-in-case there is something seriously wrong.  How blessed I am.  There is nothing like the peace the Savior brings.

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Kailee said...

I hope everything is okay. It's so scary to hear about, especially when it's happening to a lovable, innocent little baby. I'm keeping you in my prayers! It'll all work out :)