Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Next Step for V: Blood Work

V had yet another doctor appointment today.  Only gained an ounce in the last 6 days.  We are continuing with the plan and doing blood work.  She is now at 8 pounds, 4 ounces, and will be four months old on Saturday.  Crazy.

CK took off work to go with us this morning.  After the weigh in, she had to give a urine sample...for a little one, that means a catheter.  No fun.  She didn't like that much.  Then, the doctor sent us out for blood work.  We are not impressed with her pediatrician   I think she is doing all that needs to be done, but I really feel like V is just stats for her, not a human..... if that makes sense.  She didn't even come and talk to us about the blood work, she just talked to the nurse and ordered tests.  

CK and I have been praying a lot about her and we did feel good about doing the blood work, so we went ahead and did that.  But, we will be switching doctors soon.

We had to take her to an outpatient satellite clinic of the local children's hospital.  It was clean.  The people were friendly.  We got right in.  And, the phlebotomist was very good.  V hardly cried at all.  She had blood drawn from her hand and her heal, since there wasn't enough in her hand.  

It looks like it did wear her out some, but she really did great.  She is one tough kid.  I am so glad we are on to the next step.  I am so grateful that whatever is or isn't wrong she is happy.  She loves to sit, talk, and be with her siblings.  She loves to have books read to her.  Her personality is starting to show through and it is so fun.  We are so blessed to have her in our lives!!!

This is her the day before the blood work:  This girl loves to sit!  She loves to be on our laps and she loves her little chair.  I haven't had one with my other kids, but, at least for her, it is great!

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