Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flag Football

C played flag football again this year.  He loved it, but not as much as before.  This year was a tough year for his team.  They ended the season 0-9.  At the Y where C plays, the oldest team is 11 -12 year olds.  But, they only had enough kids for one team and so we joined with another Y that had three teams.  They had different rules all around, which made it hard.  In addition, they are divided into 12-13 year old teams.  A couple of the teams had all/almost all 13-year-olds.  This means C's team was very out-sized and out-talented.  They did better and better though and I am proud of them for continuing to go and work at it.

 I don't know if you can see him in the above picture, but off he goes!

He is ready to play tackle and he will next year.  I love football, but my Mom-Heart does hope that he is safe and not injured (at least too much!).  I am glad that he loves sports-and that he can spend time with CK enjoying sports together.

This is C's coach.  He is a good man with a huge heart and a love for the game and for the boys.  We were lucky to have him.

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