Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas #3: With K, C, and J: 12-29-12

Since K, C, and J were with their dad on Christmas, we had "Christmas" a little late.  We had it on Saturday, the 29th and, with the exception of Santa not coming, we treated it just like any other Christmas day.

We began with our traditional Christmas Crepes.  We eat strawberry crepes with whipped topping on Christmas morning.  K loves the whipped topping.
 Then, it was off to upstairs to sort and open presents.

 And we are all ready to begin.....

 K was so fun to have around...she just got so excited with every gift.  I appreciate her being so grateful and kind.  It is a wonderful to give her things and to have watch her response.

 This series of pictures is so fun!  I was so excited about this gift...mostly for the packaging.  I took a bunch of fives and taped them together, then rolled them up, opened up a tissue box, and glued the box back together.  I had put a few tabs up through the top: "Pull here,"  "keep pulling", etc..

 It was such a fun way to give her money for Christmas.  She was counting as it came out, "Wow, there's $15 in here, $20...25...30....35...40...45..$50!!!!!!!

 This is how V spent some of the present opening time.  The noise helps her sleep, I think.
 And then there was the mess...... Oh, wait, one more present.....

J opened it for us...Ping pong paddles?  What?  K immediately asked if we got a net too.  When we said yes....and pointed to the "media room,"  they ran in there to see....

 Our new ping pong table.  :)  We all love it.

Then, we were going to have "Christmas" dinner with my sister and her family....paches and frijoles negros, and plantains, etc....but I cheat and buy the paches and we couldn't get them at the same place as usual.  We decided to use the gift cards my best friend had given us to CiCi's and go out instead.  Best. Decision. Ever. It was so relaxing.  The kids loved being there and no big prep or clean-up.  Just eating together.  I don't love the pizza really, but this time it was so worth it.  And the kids absolutely loved it.

I am so blessed.  Food. Family. Gifts. Fun.  What a great day!  Blessed indeed!

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