Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kindergarten Christmas Party

Yes, I am still catching up, but at least I am less than a month behind!  The below picture I found while going through other photos.  In early-mid December, V found out that she could move those things called hands and she LOVES reaching the toys on this gym.  She loves it so much that we brought it with us when we went to St. Louis.  This is picture is of one of the first times that she actually grabbed the toys.  At that time, she really had to concentrate to get them.  Now, she mostly just reaches up and grabs them.
 I was so lucky that I got to help at J's Kindergarten Holiday Party.  I would have been there no matter what, but CK had taken the day off and V stayed home with him while I got to go help 5 and 6-year-olds.  It was great!  :)

 They made Christmas trees out of ice cream cones, which they absolutely loved, but it was very messy!
This is J's teacher, Ms. C..  He loves her.  She is a great teacher and he truly is lucky to have her.  I feel very blessed that he has such a wonderful, loving, God-fearing and faith-filled teacher.  She blesses our entire family.  Every week when I go eat lunch with J, she takes the time to stop and ask about how V is doing.  I appreciate that a lot.  She is spear-heading becoming a STEM school (a science and math specialized school) and she works so many hours at doing that.  J is blessed and our family is blessed too.

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