Friday, January 4, 2013

Piano Recital- 12/03/12

My kids have been taking piano for 2 1/2 years since I bought our piano.  They both love it and they are both very talented.  C has gotten very busy with football and trumpet and theater and, for a while, he will not be taking piano lessons.  This is a bummer because he loves piano, but he cannot do it all (neither can we).  He is very talented with the piano and I know he will not stay away from it long.
K is also quite talented.  She loves the piano as well and performed superbly in the recital.  As they have taken piano for the last couple of years, we have watched them be later and later in the recital.  For the most part, their teacher begins the recital with those just learning, up to her most advanced students.  For this recital, C and K were the last ones, except for her daughter who is absolutely amazing and has actually started taking lessons not with mom....she has become quite advanced.
K loved this picture....they were matching.  I am glad she had me take it.  I like it too.  :)
And the boys, of course....  :)
This just represents more of my blessings.  I am so blessed....good kids, great husband, music in my home.  How blessed I am.  :)

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