Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Band Concert - 1/23/13

C is taking band this year.  As a 6th grader, this is his first time in band and this was their first concert.  (On a side note....notice that I am blogging about this pretty much AS it happened!!!  Whoot! Whoot!)

He plays the trumpet.  Here he comes....

In pictures it is difficult to tell what is going on, but this picture is of C leading them in a difficult warm-up.  This concert was to kind of show the parents what they do each day in school, including warm-ups.  I was proud that his teacher chose him to lead this warm-up.  It meant playing by himself in front of lots and lots of people.  The stands in front were full, the extra chairs they brought in:  full, and (as you can see in the picture) some parents had to sit behind the band.  I was proud of both his composure and his skill.
V, however, did not like the clarinets.  She was fine with the band concert until then.  She screamed every time they played.  Luckily it was after the trumpets, so I got to see C perform.  We were sitting in the top row of the bleachers right in front of C.  I thought about moving down to the floor when they added chairs off to the side, but I didn't do it.  I should of.  I had to climb over a bunch of parents while holding a screaming baby.

I went and changed her diaper and held her and rocked her and tried to help her sleep.  Now and then, I was able to sneak back in and watch a part of it.  Luckily, it was a BAND concert and I could HEAR all of it.  One of the times that I snuck back in, this is what I saw (and I couldn't grab my camera fast enough or steady it well enough).  It is J asking if he can climb over everyone and come get a drink.  Funny thing is every time he did this, it looked like he was in jail.  This picture doesn't do it justice at all.

This is the final song....your traditional school spirit song..."Go Big __________ (fill in your school's colors)."  It was fun to see how much they are learning.  It was great to see C perform.  I am proud of him.

I definitely feel so blessed to have my wonderful kids.  As I was walking with V, I walked down the school hallway.  I saw C on the A honor roll list.  :)  I saw K on the A/B honor roll list.  :)  I saw pictures of them both on the library board for reading enough Lone Star books to go on the Lone Star field trip.  We are blessed that they have the opportunity to go to a good school.  I am blessed that they are my kiddos.  So blessed.  So very blessed.

On a side note-V goes to a Gastroenterologist tomorrow.  Hope we get answers soon.

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zeebee said...

Way to go C!! It would be so fun to see him and Shay play the trumpets together!