Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Four Months old...and another doctor....

I took V to yet another doctor today.  It was good.  He spent an hour with us talking to us and examining her.  I am glad we went.  He assured me that all that her previous pediatrician had done was right in line with what was needed, but that it was, indeed, time for more testing and more specialists and to find out what is going on.  I agree.  She isn't growing.  It is time.  I really appreciated the time he spent with me and with her and for his explanations which I wasn't getting before.  He said her heart sounds great.  Good sign.  He said she is hitting all her milestones perfectly.  Another good sign.

So...he is sending her first for a cystic fibrosis test.  I was tested during pregnancy and was negative for being a carrier, but he said that there are a few types of cystic fibrosis that don't show up on the test.  It is the "most common of the uncommon" and needs to be ruled out.  We are also going to a GI specialist.  There are a bunch of tests that they might run, but he is obviously leaving it to them to decide what is best for her.

He was even kind enough to tell me that it might say "Failure to Thrive" on the chart, but that doesn't mean "Failure to feed", "Failure to love", or "Failure as a mom."  I appreciated that.

And...I am so glad I already had an appointment scheduled for today.  She was not herself today at all.  It began this morning while I was making lunches.  I heard her over the monitor as she was starting to wake up.  All of a sudden there was a blood-curdling cry.  I ran in the bedroom and could not tell anything was wrong.  I picked her up and held her.  But, all morning, she struggled to open her eyes, was somewhat lethargic, and cried more than usual.  When I took her in to the doctor, she was still not herself.  In fact, the first part of our visit she just screamed and screamed.

He, of course, looked at her and got the story from me and decided to put some dye in her eye to make sure.  It was cool because after the dye he used a special light....sure enough, she has a pretty big corneal scratch.  Poor kid.  It hurts.

 Here is my happy (although very little) four-month old!

 In the middle of downloading the four-month pictures, I found this one.  We finally had a large wedding picture printed and framed and is proudly displayed in our living room.  I love it.  I especially love that the temple is right behind us.  That is important.

We are so blessed to have modern medicine to keep this happy girl happy.  I am so blessed indeed.

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