Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lunch with Friends

A good friend of mine was coming over on Monday.  We hadn't seen each other in forever and I was super excited to see her. life goes, C stayed home sick with a sore throat and tummy ache.  He got better quickly, but at that time I did not know if it would turn in to strep or worse.  So we decided maybe to meet for lunch.

That is when she remembered that a bunch of wonderful women were meeting for lunch to celebrate some birthdays in my old ward.  It was so fun!  There was only one woman that I did not know and I am certain that she is wonderful.  All the others, I KNOW from many years of friendship that they are amazing women.  I was so blessed to get to go.  

My friend's baby, A, and V:

 A is three months or so older than V, but they loved looking at each other in their car seats.  :)  A also rocked V.  It was great!

As I got home and realized how many of my other things I had not accomplished, I was reminded of the talk by President Uchtdorf on making time for those we love so we don't have regrets later.  Well, I don't regret this use of my time.  I love these women and now that I have moved, I miss them a lot.  I am so blessed to have such great friends surround me and sustain me.  Truly, how blessed I am!

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