Monday, May 20, 2013

8 Months Old and yet another Sports Saturday

V turned 8 months yesterday!  So hard to believe that she is already 8 months old!  She is such a big girl.  I love her so much and I love being her mama.
 Being an 8-month-old means you want to grab everything.  Above is my first attempt to distract her and take her picture with her number.  Yep.  That worked well (sarcasm, of course!).
 She then rolled over and I tried to prop the picture next to her.  There is a series of funny pictures.  This one is the best.  No smile (she was concentrating so hard on how to get the paper!).
Finally, I had to include her push ups while looking at the paper.  It is a little difficult to see because she is wearing a dress, but look at the angle of those legs!!!

Her mobility is just so fun to watch.  I have never had a roller, but she still just rolls everywhere.  She also continues the push-up thing, although now she has figured out she has to get on her knees to move, so she will do a push up, fall to her knees and then be stuck, so she just flops to her belly and rolls.

A comes in 5 days.  I think it would be fun if she got to witness V beginning to actually crawl.  I'd love it if she could see the rolling and the push-ups too.

Oh my!  I am so blessed.  Life is good.  I get the yuckies occasionally and I am just grumpy / slightly depressed for no reason...I have an amazing life and I really cannot complain about anything, so I am just working through those yuckies.  :)  I am truly blessed!

I almost forgot to include a few pictures from the weekend:
It was J's last football game, so we took the coaches a little treat.  I am so grateful for these men that are so dedicated, that obviously love Christ and love these boys.  We have never used Upward before, but I loved this year.  I am so grateful for the extra boost of spirituality that it gives J.  We are not the same religion, but we share so much truth. I am grateful.

Here he is running with the ball.  After quite a few touchdowns and great defense throughout the year, he has struggled his last two games.  Maybe he is just ready to be done.
Going after the boy with the ball.
And, here is C, playing baseball later in the day.  Both teams struggled with pitching.  I think this is the first age-group with player pitch and it is difficult.  This swing ended up being a foul ball, tipped behind him, but I loved this picture anyway.  It was a hot one, as evidenced by my red arms and pink face.  I got sunscreen on the kiddos, but I was in the shade (or so I thought)....oops.

It was such a busy sports Saturday with J's game at 10:30, C's pictures at 1:15 (30 minutes away) and then his game at 2:00.  I am impressed with their dad and his taking them without complaint.  I know from experience that this was a lot for him, as well as K who didn't play in any of the sports.  Their dad is really a great dad and I am so grateful.  He has improved by leaps and bounds and I know that this enhances my kids' lives.  They are so blessed to have three parents that love them (maybe four someday).

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