Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sibling Swim

J has been wanting to put on his swim trunks and take a bath with V for a while.  Since I was giving her a bath on a Saturday afternoon, I figured that would be a good time and I surprised him by agreeing when he asked.  They had so much fun splashing and splashing.  It was cute.  I am so glad that they love each other.  I am so grateful to have V in our family.  I am grateful for J's desire to play with her and make her laugh.  It is a blessing to us.

We also got to leave V when we went on our date last night.  K is such a good babysitter.  We are lucky to have her.  We do pay her when she babysits - when we would have had to hire a sitter (like date night).  For times when we would have just taken the kids with us (like grocery shopping), she doesn't get paid.  It seems to work out well and it was so refreshing to be able to leave V while we went on our date.  We don't get time all the way alone often enough.

For our date, we first went to the driving range and I hit golf balls for the first time.  My form is horrid. I cannot seem to copy CK with my swing.  He said that I did a good job, however, for my first time.  Whether or not that is true, I had fun!  Then we went out to dinner.  We are worried that that is the source of our sickness that has kept CK up since 1:00 and me since 3:30.  Hmm.....

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