Monday, May 6, 2013

Family party

We started a new monthly tradition on Saturday. Earlier in the week, I sent out invitations to each child inviting them to our family party. They were excited!

We began with a pre-fast meal of steak, potatoes, and vegetables. Then, we watched The Incredibles. J is always scared of movies! But, even he did okay with this one. I think he felt safe with K putting her arms around him.

Finally, I made S'mores.  These were the funniest S'mores ever.  I decided it was too hot for a fire in the fireplace to roast the marshmallows so I used a recipe on the box of graham crackers that called for those huge campfire marshmallows.  I followed the recipe and this is what I got:

When I went into the kitchen, I said something like, "The S'mores are puffy!!!"  No one understood what I meant until they saw them for themselves.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  Most of the S'mores went down the sink (they were too sticky to pull off and trash), but it was worth it for the fun we had.  

So...Family Party #1:  Success!!!  I am so blessed.  I have a great family.

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Andrea said...

What a great idea.