Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blessings of Device-Free Night

 In our home, Wednesday evening is Device-Free Night.  That is why if you ever text or email me on Wednesdays, I probably will not respond until Thursday.  I love it.  No phone, Ipods, Kindle, etc. from 5-9 pm.  In theory, this allows a lot more family time.  Sometimes, we still have other things going on, but we are still device free.

Last night, J had been wanting to go to "The Field" to pick wildflowers for me.  So, I put V in the stroller and we walked over.  It was a beautiful night.  The wind was blowing softly, the sky was overcast, and it was beautiful.  As I watched J run amongst the flowers and V have the bluest eyes ever, I was wishing I had my camera.  I didn't.  I did not even have my phone to take some pictures.  As I pondered and regretted not having anything to take pictures with, I recognized this truth:  With the camera, I would have captured the pictures, but I would have missed the moments.  I thought of my Heavenly Father and His beautiful creations, I thought of how I loved my kids, I enjoyed the beautiful flowers that J brought me, and I relished the love J has for these flowers that he treasures.  I would have missed it if I checked my email, texts, or Facebook.  I am grateful for Device-Free.

Aren't they gorgeous still today?

 Also as part of Device-Free, I cut C's hair.  He had been asking me for a while.  He loves his long hair, but it is getting hot now and long hair makes it hotter.  So, we cut it.



 Look at that pile of hair in the trash!!!!  We cut off a lot!

And, finally, V is moving is moving so much.  She rolls anywhere and everywhere and she loves to do this "push-up" thing now.  Just today, she started figuring out to put her knees down.  I am guessing the crawling will come soon.  I am okay to wait, the rolling slows her down a little and she cannot roll up the stairs.  :)

And...tonight, K, J, V, and I are sitting here singing to Pandora on the toddler station.  We are having so much fun. We are dancing and singing and loving life!  How I love my kids!  I love these moments so much.  This is my first Pandora experience and I am enjoying it a lot.  CK and C are missing out (they are at C's baseball practice).

I am just so blessed.  So very blessed.  My life is amazing. I love it.  It is not perfect, but I love it.  :)

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Andrea said...

good job with the hair.
I love the push up. SO cute.