Friday, May 24, 2013

C is amazing!!!

C is one amazing kid.  He has always been one of those kids that did well at almost everything he tried.  He tries art.  Nails it.  He plays sports.  He is pretty good.  He plays the trumpet.  Does great.  He tried theater and was named Best Actor in the district.  He has straight A's.  He works hard and is very organized and the fruit of his labors is amazing grades.

Tuesday, he had his awards ceremony.  I love the way this middle school does awards.  All the students that are receiving awards are seated in alphabetical order, then each student's name is called and all the awards they receive are given at once.  It is much more efficient than having each set of awards called and people come up out of their seats, once, twice, three times, etc...  I really love it.

So, when I got there, I looked at the program.  HOLY COW!!!!  He got a million awards.  Wow!  I was such a proud Mama.

Then, as I am sitting there, waiting for the ceremony to begin, I glance at the front of the program.  Guess who is giving the welcome?  Yep, C!  Wow! he is welcoming everyone:

 All the students sit on one side and wait for their names to be called.  Once their awards are received, they sit on the other side of the gym until the event is over.  So smooth.

Here he is waiting.
 And, finally, his turn.  I have another funny picture of both he and the principal waiting as they read all of the awards that he received.  This one is better, though.

This is what they read for him:
  • A Honor roll (all A's all year)
  • Outstanding Ensemble Performance (Band)
  • 2nd Place One Act Play 
  • Best Actor One Act Play
  • Coyote Circle: Literature (Coyote Circle:  Student is selected by each individual's teacher's criteria for academic recognition)
  • Coyote Circle:  Lone Star Reading (Reading outside of class 14 books and passing tests on district sponsors this)
  • Coyote Circle:  Math
  • Coyote Circle:  Social Studies
  • Top Coyote:  Mad Scientist/Science (One boy and one girl are selected as Top Coyotes for each core subject:  English, Science, Social Studies, Math)
  • Top Coyote:  Young Author/English  (YEP!  ANOTHER Top Coyote!)

 No wonder they were waiting a while!
 I know C was a little embarrassed, but I am so proud of him.  He is pleased with himself, too.  I really felt as I sat there that a lot of his success comes from his faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

 This is one of C's best friends, M.  He is a good kid.  I am so glad that C chose well for his friends!

 And, here are all those awards!  I covered up his name, but I think that the titles of most of the awards is visible.
Great job, C!  I love you! I am glad you are my son. You do great work and I am proud of you.  Keep it up!

P.S.  Grandparents:  I grabbed an extra copy of the program to send to you.  :)  Unfortunately, they didn't have any extra of K's ceremony, so I might have to copy that one to send. 


Kailee said...

WOW! Go C, he is amazing! That is so cool to see all those awards he got! All your kids are so talented and smart, they are awesome :)

Andrea said...

Wow. Very impressive.