Monday, May 13, 2013

K Piano Recital

 Oh, how I love listening to K play the piano.  She has been taking piano now since summer 2010, so almost three years and she is good!  I love to hear her play.  I love the beautiful music that she produces.  I am so glad she has chosen to develop this talent.
 Tonight was her piano recital.  She did very well and it was beautiful, but boy was she nervous!  Particularly that now that she is one of the best students, she is one of the last students, so she has to wait the whole first hour before she plays.  She says she messed up a bunch, but I didn't hear it.  :)
 Here she after she finished - I think that is a look of relief on that beautiful face.

I do miss C taking piano lessons.  He chose to take private trumpet lessons instead.  He still plays the piano for fun at times and is skilled at both the piano and the trumpet.  He makes beautiful music too.
And, finally, our poor little V.  She isn't feeling great.  It is so sad and she is so sad.  The only cool thing is that she is not a cuddler, but because she is not feeling well, she is cuddly.  In the above picture, she actually was wide awake - I just caught her blinking or something.  I sure hope she feels better tomorrow.  I am expecting she will.

I started out the day today still not feeling great, but I feel much better tonight.  I am definitely not up to 100%, but I am doing better and that is a relief.  That means I can focus all my energy on helping V tomorrow.

One last note:  CK is the most amazing husband ever.  I am so blessed to have him.  He took a few hours off today to take care of V and I.  He, without hesitation, took a neighbor boy over to the high school since he missed his bus.  This really warmed my heart.  He is so willing to serve - everyone.  He also gave me very thoughtful and unique gifts for Mother's Day.  He is amazing.  I am so blessed.

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