Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

It is amazing to me what a great Mother's Day I have had.  As mentioned before, I am sick.  CK is sick.  The kids are not....fingers crossed that it stays that way.  I do feel sorry for CK as he planned so much to take care of me and he can barely move.

But, in the midst of it all - sick or not - I see my kids in a new light and that makes Mother's Day amazing.  My kids took care of their own breakfast.  They assigned each other tasks and then they all contributed to the breakfast and the clean-up while CK and I moaned on our separate couches.  I am so proud of them.  I am proud of them for having enough skills to take care of the fixing; I am proud of them for working together; I am proud of them for being so self-sufficient.

Then, for me, the best part was church.  I enjoy attending church and the uplift and strength it gives me for a new week.  Today church was not an option for either CK or I.  We kept V home, of course, as well.  But, for the older two, there wasn't even a question.  No begging to stay home.  No questioning whether they should go.  It seemed to not even cross their minds to exploit the situation and miss their church meetings.  They even encouraged J who was a little nervous about being at church without an adult.  I cannot describe how proud I am of them.  I am proud of their responsibility that I could trust them to be at church without sitting with another family.  I am proud of them for their righteous desires in attending.  I am proud of them for their maturity and abilities. 

I am lucky and blessed and lucky and blessed and we haven't even had presents yet.  My best present is the way my kids are growing and maturing.  I am a lucky Mama.

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Andrea said...

Hope you feel better soon! So sad.
That's awesome that your kids went to church alone. Indeed a proud mom moment!