Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monthly weekend in St. Louis

This last weekend was our monthly time with A.   We are so blessed that we get to see her every month, whether here or there, we always get to see her!  We are grateful!

So, last Friday began with me dropping CK off at the airport.  Originally he was the only one going.  The fourth weekend is usually split between XDH and I, as far as K, C, and J go.  But, I miss A so very much and XDH wasn't going to get a full weekend in May due to Mother's day.  When I asked if he would like to have an extra full weekend in April, he was happy to do that.  I am grateful.

So, CK took V's stuff and my stuff with him and V and I headed to the airport 11 hours later to catch a late flight after dropping the other three off with Dad.

Unfortunately, our plane was delayed (but not when I checked BEFORE I got to the airport, of course!).  Fortunately, though, V did very well.  She played:

 She looked around and charmed all around her:
 She took her late night bottle:
 The flight was quite empty and we had a whole row.  That was nice.  She was a little grumpy, especially at first (when she was screaming), but she then slept off and on and the flight wasn't too bad.

We were so glad to be together with A and CK.  The only thing that would have been better is to have K, C, and J too and our entire family together.  Next month!
 On Saturday, we went to see a Robotics competition.  We had to walk a long ways in the pouring rain.  We parked close to the building, but the doors were locked and the next doors were locked and the next doors were locked.  Finally, the fourth or fifth set was open....and we were soaked.  
But, the competition was so cool.  The teams were from all over the US and some from all over the world.  The robots were programmed to do some things on their own and then they were controlled by the teams.  It was very fascinating.

 After the competition, we went and grabbed some lunch at Steak and Shake.  It ended up being a challenge to find somewhere to eat.  We were glad when we saw a Steak and Shake and A found something yummy on the menu.

And, of course, we took a bunch of family pictures.  We love being together.  We love spending the time strengthening our family.  Goodbye is always difficult, but it just shows how much we love each other.  As I have said before, we don't have an ideal family, but we have a great one.  We are so lucky.  I feel so blessed!  :)

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