Friday, May 17, 2013

"Together, We Make a Family"

 A while ago (like Christmas 2011 or earlier), my parents gave us this vinyl word set for our wall to celebrate our marriage and blended family.  I thought it was perfect for our situation.

Yet, at the time, we were considering moving, did move, and I was pregnant, then I had V.  It just never got done.  I knew where I wanted it and I knew I wanted a picture of all of us from our wedding day.  Finally, today, I got it up.

I love it!
 It is in our piano room (on the Thankful wall, if you happen to know which wall that is).  Love it.  I want to keep this picture from our wedding day up, but I think I will add in small frames around it pictures of anyone that joins our family after our marriage (like V).  I also decided that a great way to do it would be to shrink down their blessing day photos.  Seems appropriate to me somehow.

As I got ready to take pictures, I realized that we have many that we love that have never seen our new home, so I took just a few more pictures, mainly of the piano room, not the rest of the house.
 This is our temple wall.  It is one of the first things to great you when you walk in our home.  We have a picture of Jesus and our most recent family picture, surrounded by pictures of every temple that CK and I have been together.  I love it!  I wish we could add to the wall more frequently....but other temples are kind of far and we have V to slow us down, also.
 These two hang on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.  The hope is that our kids will be able to see the Savior and focus on him before they leave for the day.
Finally, the pictures above our piano.  They also have recent photos, first the boys, then all the kids, then the girls.  How I love my home!  How I love my family!  I am so blessed!!!  So very blessed indeed!!

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